How to select the valve actuator?


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The valve actuator is a device used to control the opening and closing of the valve, but there are too many types of valves now, so it is necessary to select the valve actuator matched with it for normal use. How to select the correct actuator type for the valve? Now, the domestic professional valve actuator manufacturers will inform us.

How to select the valve actuator?

1. Model selection according to production process control requirements

The valve actuator has two control modes: switching type and regulating type. The on-off actuator generally realizes the opening or closing control of the valve, so the valve is either fully open or fully closed after use. If it is a valve that does not require precise control of the medium flow, this on-off valve actuator can be selected. But if you need to accurately adjust the medium of the valve then you need to choose the adjustable actuator.

2. Model selection according to the torque required by the valve

The valve needs torque when it is opened and closed normally, and the torque required is determined by many factors such as the valve diameter and working pressure. If the output torque of the valve actuator does not match with it, the opening and closing of the valve cannot be controlled accurately. Therefore, the model selection should be determined according to the torque required by the valve.

3. Model selection according to electrical parameters

Because the electrical parameters of different valve actuator manufacturers are different, it is generally necessary to determine their electrical parameters during design and selection, which mainly include motor power, rated current, secondary control circuit voltage, etc. If there is negligence in this regard, the mismatch between the control system and the electric actuator parameters will cause air switch tripping, fuse fusing, thermal overload relay protection tripping and other failures during operation.

The ideal control effect can only be achieved if the valve actuator with the appropriate model is selected for the valve. However, in actual work, not only there are many types of valves, but also the requirements for the use environment and conditions are different. Therefore, not only should the valve actuator be selected for the valve, but also the correct type and model should be selected to ensure normal use.