What performance does the electric actuator have?


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The electric actuator is reasonably designed and can act on various types of valves with AC power as the driving energy. Therefore, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, shipping, paper making, power station, heat supply, light industry and other industries. So, what are the good performances of electric actuators made of well chosen materials?

What performance does the electric actuator have?

1. High temperature and corrosion resistance

As the shell of the electric actuator is made of hard metal, and has been anodized and coated with polyester powder, it has extremely high corrosion resistance. In addition, the main drive structure of the electric actuator uses high-quality materials for motor, sensor and other components, and the structural design is very reasonable, so it can operate normally even at a high temperature.

2. Adjustable running speed

In electric actuators, proper gearboxes are usually installed according to their types. After decelerating through different types of gearboxes, different types of electric actuators have different output speeds. In addition, through special motors and speed change control modules, the operating speed can be adjusted according to the actual situation during operation, so that the opening and closing speed of valves can meet the requirements.

3. Control accuracy

Because the anti deviation ability of the electric actuator is very good, the output thrust or torque during operation is also very stable, so it can well overcome the unbalanced force of the medium, so as to achieve accurate control of process parameters. Generally, the control accuracy of high-quality electric actuators can reach 1%, so that various valves can be accurately controlled.

It is precisely because the electric actuator has many good performances that it has been widely used in practical work, providing more efficient control for various types of valves. Therefore, more and more industries will equip the valves in the equipment with cost-effective electric actuators to obtain more intelligent operation management.