What are the common types of valve actuators?


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At present, there are quite a lot of types of valves, and the working principles of different types of valves are also different. Generally, the opening and closing control is realized by rotating the valve plate angle, lifting and lowering the valve plate, etc. When it is necessary to use with domestic professional valve actuators, the appropriate valve actuator should be selected according to the type of valve. What are the common types of valve actuators?

What are the common types of valve actuators?

1. Angle travel actuator

For this type of valve actuator, the rotation of its output shaft is less than one cycle, that is, less than 360 degrees. Normally, the opening and closing process of the valve can be controlled as long as there is 90 degrees. This kind of valve actuator can be divided into direct connection type and base crank type according to different installation interface modes. Among them, the direct connection type refers to the direct connection between the actuator output shaft and the valve stem, while the base crank type refers to the connection between the output shaft and the valve stem through the crank, which is more suitable for use with butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves and other types of valves.

2. Multi turn actuator

If the rotation of the output shaft of the valve actuator is greater than one circle, that is, greater than 360 degrees, it is called a multi turn electric actuator. Generally, the output shaft needs to make more than one turn to realize the valve opening and closing process control. Therefore, multi turn valve actuators are usually used with gate valves, globe valves and other types of valves.

3. Straight stroke

There is also a type of valve actuator whose output shaft is not rotating, but moving in a straight line, so it is called a straight stroke valve actuator. This type of actuator is usually suitable for single seat regulating valve and double seat regulating valve.

The common types of valve actuators are introduced here. Because different types of actuators have different characteristics and applicability, when selecting high-quality valve actuators for valves, it is necessary to determine the type of valve and then select the appropriate type according to the scope of use of the actuator.