What are the characteristics of electric actuators


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When it comes to electric actuators, many people may not understand this. In fact, its applications are very extensive, such as steel industry, petrochemical industry, water treatment and other COPY that need to use automatic control systems, especially small and medium caliber valves in high-frequency applications. What are the characteristics of electric actuators? This issue is described below.

What are the characteristics of the electric actuator

Feature 1: It is more convenient to use and adjust the use process

After continuous upgrading and upgrading, the electric actuator has become more mature in technology and other aspects. For example, the servo amplifier and position transmitter, two completely independent parts, can be easily installed into the interior of the electric actuator, so that it has advanced self diagnostic functions. More importantly, its use and adjustment of the use process are more convenient, This advantage cannot be compared with other types of actuators.

Feature 2: It can better meet different practical application needs

In the current intelligent era, the function optimization of electric actuators is also advancing with the times. The current electric actuators generally adopt the functional modular structure type design, which allows arbitrary combination customization of functions according to various differentiated actual needs of different customers, simplifying the original complex control, and better meeting different practical application needs, Its original intention of intelligence is also reflected in the real right.

Feature 3: Small size and light weight, more convenient for installation and later maintenance

From the perspective of various practical conditions and use needs, today's electric actuators have achieved smaller volume and lighter weight, which is very beneficial for installation and later maintenance. However, it is necessary to have a more comprehensive understanding of the good material of the electric actuator when purchasing.

After the above introduction, I believe that I have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the relevant characteristics of the electric actuator, and when selecting the electric actuator products, in addition to understanding its characteristics, we should also make a corresponding comparison and understanding of the price of the electric actuator, so that we can choose the products that match the actual needs more closely.