What should be paid attention to when selecting electric actuators


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With the gradual expansion of the application scope of electric actuators, more and more production enterprises need to use this device. However, facing many manufacturers and different models of related products, many purchasers are facing difficulties. So, what problems should be paid attention to when selecting electric actuators? Here is a brief explanation of this problem.

What should be paid attention to when selecting electric actuators

1、 Focus on product quality and after-sales service

There are not many manufacturers that can produce electric actuators, and there are differences in the quality of electric actuator products grown by different manufacturers. Therefore, the key issue that must be focused on is which one is good in the quality of electric actuators. Only products with excellent quality can really be used with ease. In addition to quality, the after-sales aspect is also very important. If the after-sales service system is not perfect, it will add endless troubles in the process of using the electric actuator.

2、 Fully combine their own actual production needs

When purchasing electric actuators, many purchasers tend to ignore an important problem, that is, they only pay attention to the price problem and ignore whether the products really meet the actual production needs of the enterprise. Because even if the purchase of electric actuator products with lower price saves the enterprise a lot of expenses, if there are many mismatches in the use process, it is small and big. For example, the enterprise needs high-power and high load motors to drive, but if the power of the purchased electric actuator itself cannot reach, additional motors must be installed, and the cooling protection device must be used, This not only increases the cost but also brings security risks.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that the selection of electric actuators is not a random thing. In order to select an electric actuator that better matches the actual needs of the enterprise, you must integrate various factors to make a correct decision. The price of electric actuators is only one aspect. Although it is also an important factor, quality is more important than quality.